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Have you ever had a great white stallion come to you in your dreams? Maybe you've had a passion for horse-back riding and horses your entire life and you've always wondered what it is about horses that makes them so magical and otherworldly. But...that's just it. Horses are magical and otherworldly! There shouldn't be any wondering about it...there's something uniquely spiritual about horses, both in the mundane world and the spiritual world.
The idea of a horse came to me in a dream, a beautiful black stallion galloping in the distance, it was magnificent! I looked up what this could mean, SOUL JUNKIE was the first thing that came to mind, I had the name in my head but i never put pen to paper. Horses symbolise spirt, travel or voyages that you are on, they bring strength and understanding. And to me this is symbolises the voyage of SOUL JUNKIE. 

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