About Soul Junkie

SOUL JUNKIE  is my label. As I am graduating this year I have began to look into business prospects. It is an expression of my image, my passion, dreams and desires. 
 This Blog is the spirit and soul of  SOUL JUNKIE's journey, it is a visual diary where I can share inspiration and my creativity as it happens..
This is the begging of my collective. I travel to different places and search for natural materials, unwanted furniture and others potential decor related items that I can see soul within. With these diamonds in the rough I up cycle and restore them bringing them back to life as not only as furniture but creative one off pieces of art that incorporates soul back into your home.
The SOUL JUNKIE Boutique is different to other boutiques, it does not follow seasonal trends, forever changing, it is a gypsy boutique. Where natural beauty and bohemian style represents the peacefulness wonders of the world into fashion of self expression. Some of the clothing is designed and handmade and others I have travelled and found in the most unique places making them vintage and soulful. 

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