Boutique Collective

Crystals and feathers.

I love collecting little treasures like this, any natural wonders of the world are precious. In my collective I will use these as my inspiration and create jewellery, clothing and accessories recording them here as I go along!

Handmade Peacock earrings.

Up cycled bracelet made from an old belt and customised bead arrangement.



The idea of making kimonos came to me when I realised nowhere had any nice kimonos for summer! I love wearing them over my bikini or even in the evening to keep me warm! They're glamourous, useful and available for all ages! Every woman should own at least one kimono, its essential!

All My Kimonos are Handmade One off pieces, so you won't find anyone wearing the same! They are affordable and creative to check them out!

Cream Lace Kimono dressed with cream crochet tassels. £35 (SOLD)

Orange/Red lycra floral print kimono. £30 (SOLD)

Pink hawaiian cotton floral print dressed with pink tassels. £30

Long Cream lace dressed with tassels and cream white shells. £35

Butterfly style multicolour indian print dressed with navy blue tassels. £25 (SOLD)

Black and white floral lycra dressed with long black tassels. £30

Beach cover up, sleeveless turquoise floral print with tassel trimming. £10

Cream chiffon Kimono dressed with long white tassels. £25

Pale grey velvet and lace long kimono dressed with white crochet tassels. £35

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